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Exploration & Production in North Dakota’s Williston Basin

We Are Zavanna

Zavanna, LLC is a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company operating in Williams and McKenzie Counties in North Dakota. Established in 1994, Zavanna has grown to become one of the top ten largest private producers in North Dakota, widely known for our unparalleled technical capabilities and operating discipline.

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Founded in 1994, Zavanna used proprietary technology to emerge as a leader in oil and gas exploration, development, and acquisition. Nearly thirty years later, we remain one of North Dakota’s largest and most innovative producers.

Today, Zavanna continues our commitment to building a bright and sustainable future.

We participate in numerous outreach and philanthropic programs on behalf of local communities, operate with the utmost respect for the native areas in which we operate, and adhere strictly to all relevant quality standards and environmental regulations. By striving for excellence in all these areas, we remain at the forefront of North Dakota’s energy sector.

Zavanna Operations

Zavanna operates over 60,800 acres with an average 19,000 BOEPD, maintaining an outstanding exploratory and operational track record. We continue to seek growth opportunities in the Rockies and Northern Mid-Continent regions, where our team possesses a wealth of operational experience.

Zavanna uses an employee-owned model based on a Profits Interest Program, which allows our employees to enjoy the benefits of our growth without exposing them to associated risk of loss or liability. By giving our employees a stake in our success, we ensure that everyone connected to Zavanna is motivated to pursue our ongoing success.