Zavanna’s field office is located in the Williston Basin of North Dakota. Our focus is in exploration and production, while maintaining partnerships with companies in the downstream and upstream sides of the industry. Zavanna has consistently led the Williston Basin in terms of advanced well performance, completion design, and artificial lift enhancements.

Being a small team allows Zavanna to make changes quickly and to implement new technologies we believe in, while also putting new, updated designs to old ideas. Our long-term operating model enables us to make decisions based on what is best for the well and our stakeholders. We are driven by doing what’s right over the long haul.

Well Performance

From a well performance perspective, Zavanna consistently outperforms its peers in the basin. While this can be attributed to several factors, our continually evolving completion design changes are a major focus point for the completion team, and play a large role in our unmatched well results.


Wells completed after January 1, 2015 within Zavanna’s area of interest (AOI) outperform those operated by peers by 140% on average. All production data can be independently verified through public data.

Artificial Lift Advancements

During the early stages of Zavanna’s Bakken development, we realized that the traditional rod-pump artificial lift method was not an optimal way of producing our wells. Through our partnership with Flatiron’s Midstream, we helped support 55 miles of pipeline infrastructure which allowed us to use our existing natural gas to lift the well. Our gas is gathered, sent to the 1804 LTD plant for processing, and returned via a high-pressure line for gas lifting the well.

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Our completion design optimization and thoughtful artificial lift design have established Zavanna as a leader in the basin in terms of well productivity. Zavanna’s unique artificial lift method has helped increase early time
production by approximately 20%.

Vertical Integration

During 2012, Zavanna partnered with Flatiron’s Midstream and formed 1804 LTD., LLC (1804). Zavanna recognized that to be able to effectuate the desired drilling program during that era, we would need help in gathering and processing our natural gas. Like any prudent operator, we had the desire to maximize our economics by selling or reusing the natural gas that we produce, and having a long-term vision, this felt like the best approach to help us control our destiny. We found a team with over a century of combined experience to help us put our vision into place, and helped both financially and operationally place a 45 MMCFD refrigeration gas plant into the heart of Williams County, North Dakota. Today, 1804 processes around 60 MMCFD of natural gas and has expanded beyond Zavanna to other third-party producers.

Zavanna has also partnered with an innovative and leading marketing group in the oil and gas industry, ARM Energy. ARM has done an exceptional job helping both Zavanna and 1804 competitively market a variety of products within the Williston Basin.

Through our deep knowledge within the upstream oil and gas industry, our strong partnerships within the midstream world, and assistance from a world-class marketing group, Zavanna has a depth of resources to tap into while looking to expand beyond our current footprint. We feel confident in managing all aspects of the energy life cycle.


Zavanna has forged strategic alliances, joint ventures and joint exploration agreements with numerous partners across the industry, some of which include:

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First operator to deliver dry gas to 100% of gas lift wells in the Bakken

150+ years

Leadership team brings more than 150 years of combined experience in the energy industry

Top 10

One of the top 10 largest private producers in North Dakota


Nearly 70,000 acres of operation in the Williston Basin


Since 2013, 50% reduction in days from spud to total depth