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About Our Company

Zavanna Resources was formed in 2018 in an effort to take advantage of the 100+ years of combined exploration experience that the founding members of Zavanna, LLC hold. Along with the founding members, a team of internal employees and external consultants with a combined experience level of over 300+ years of exploration experience was formed to explore for oil and gas throughout the United States. This team is referred to as the Z Team with key members listed here:

Michael Dolan


While at Mobil and ExxonMobil, assisted during exploration phases for Thunder Horse (BP Operated) billion barrel field discovery in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Among many other exploration projects, responsible…. Read More

Grant Zimbrick


Worked as an exploration and production geologist in a number of U.S. basins. International experience in the North Sea and West Africa. Extensive experience in prospect and play risking and assessment… Read More

Michael Hofmann


Dr. Hofmann has worked in the energy sector for the past 15 years. His technical expertise lies in sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology, petrography, and integrated basin analysis. He has worked… Read More

John Horne


Dr. Horne has taught at the Univerisity of South Carolina and the Colorado School of Mines and authored numerous publication on Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Tertiary age strata in North America, South America… Read More

Timothy Lane


Experience in Powder River, Williston, DJ, Pennsylvanian and Mississippian of Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas, Appalachian, Gulf Coast (onshore and offshore), Panninian/Carpathian Basins of Romania, and… Read More

David List


Generated and evaluated stratigraphic/structural prospects and developed fields in the Rocky Mountains (Williston, Powder River, Paradox, Red Desert, Big Horn and Green River basins) / Adept at interpreting… Read More

Bill Pearson


Bill Pearson graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 1970 with a B.S. degree in geophysical engineering. He began his career in exploration as a field geologist and mining engineer in the coal-mining… Read More

Steve Hoye


Performed geophysical evaluation of plays & prospects in Permian. Developed analytical applications including AI since mid-1980’s. Adept at data discovery and visualization, advanced analytical mathematics… Read More

Brian Bussie


Bryan has a strong willingness to perform under pressure, meet deadlines, solve complex problems, and work long hours to resolve issues. Specialize in systems and network solutions. Strong… Read More

Amanda Wynn-Bidgood

Elevation Resources

Amanda co-founded Elevation Resources, LLC in 2016. Over 10 years ago she started her career in the Oil and Gas Industry. The skillsets acquired in her former accounting… Read More

Zavanna has always forged strong strategic alliances, joint ventures, and joint exploration agreements with partners throughout the industry. Zavanna Resources is dedicated to building and maintaining relationships with contractors and consultants whose values align with our own to increase the scope of what we can accomplish in North Dakota and beyond.

If you are interested in partnering on exploration projects, or have prospects you would like to show please contact us.

Quick Facts


Producing wells

299,118 BBIs

Total oil production

35,441,388 MCFs

Total gas production

6,206,028 BBIs

Total BOE production

Our Purpose

Plain and simple, energy runs this world. WIth the advent of the shale revolution in the mid 2000’s, oil and gas companies began moving out of the exploration space. With this loss of focus, a very large void has been created from an energy supply standpoint. Zavanna Resources looks to explore for hydrocarbons in an ethical and environmentally thoughtful way to help provide energy solutions for the future.

We are not averse to other forms of “green energy”, but feel that any transition is going to take a significant amount of time. We are supportive of working collectively on an energy transition that works for all humans globally. This can be achieved by working together, as opposed to glorifying one form of energy while demonizing another.

Zavanna Resources exists to develop and maintain partnerships with carefully-selected and vetted third parties in the energy sector. With the help of these partners, we are confident that we can replicate Zavanna’s success within North Dakota across the Rocky Mountain and Northern Mid-Continent regions, along with other potent environments for oil and gas production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Zavanna Resources Choose Partners?

Zavanna Resources looks for partners with similar values and levels of experience. We seek to work with organizations who will help us uphold our commitments to Environmental, Social, & Governance best practices, and whose knowledge of the industry complements our own.
Our knowledge of the upstream oil and gas industry motivates us to seek partners with significant midstream experience. Our ideal partners have skills and resources related to processing, storing, transporting, and marketing our oil and gas products.

Why Work with Zavanna Resources?

First and foremost, what you will receive by working with us is honesty and integrity. We treat partners just like we treat ourselves, realizing that in this business there will always be challenges. We feel that the mark of a good partnership isn’t how things go in good times, but how we collectively work through challenges together, for the benefit of the group and no one individual or entity.

Zavanna Resources gives our partners and investors the ability to benefit from Zavanna’s expertise, infrastructure, and sterling reputation for upholding industry-best Environmental, Social, & Governance standards.

As one of North Dakota’s largest privately-owned oil and gas production and exploration companies, we have what it takes to successfully open and operate wells in new regions throughout the United States, and to attract investments that will help us grow even further.